What is a Makelangelo?

Hello Makelangelo!
The Makelangelo is an open source art robot that draws posters and murals on paper, wood, glass, or whiteboards. It’s a fun, easy, and affordable way to learn about 3D printing.

Order a kit and build it yourself, or download the software and try before you buy.

The Makelangelo 2.5

The Makelangelo is fun. It can be used by children as young as six with adult supervision. Choosing a drawing and a color is easy – it will work with most Sharpie markers, Crayola markers, and whiteboard markers.

The Makelangelo is risk-free. Print failure on a 3D printer can be expensive and dangerous. Print failure on a Makelangelo costs a piece of paper.


The Makelangelo is affordable. A full 3D printer uses expensive plastic that won’t fit in a school budget. The Makelangelo only uses markers and paper. It can even be mounted on a whiteboard so it takes up no room in a class.

The Makelangelo is educational. It can be hard to make STEAM – Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math – relevant to young minds. A Makelangelo won’t run without trigonometry, pi, or basic algebra. It’s easy to use the robot to make STEAM lessons relevant and timely. We’ve made sure that every lesson learned running a Makelangelo will give a student the experience they need to tackle harder subjects later.

Order a kit and build it yourself.

download the software and try before you buy.